The 5 Most Effective Strength and Conditioning Exercises for Muay Thai

Learn to quickly and easy make a difference to the amount of strength you need to complete at high levels of muay thai.

There is a small amount of strength training needed to maximize your performance in martial arts.

I took most of the information in this article from this source.

I will talk below about the 5 different exercises you can do to make the absolute difference to the amount of strength you need to really make a difference to your mobility, speed and strength will will in turn increase performance. Because martial arts usually requires speed most of the exercises and been done quickly.

Exercise #1: Deadlifts

5-3-2 is the perfect rep cycle for a fight for quickly, easily and effectively gain the strength needed to complete.

The deadlift workout looks something like this for a 150lb fighter:

  •         5-10 reps warm up at a light weight, like 135lbs
  •         5 reps at a medium weight, like 225lbs
  •         3 reps at a pretty heavy weight, like 275lbs
  •         2 reps at a heavy-ish weight, like 315lbs

Exercise #2: Front Squats

When I have my fighters front squat, it will be for sets of 3 or 5 reps for up to 5 sets. It will generally look like this:

  •         5-10 rep warm up at a light weight
  •         5 x 3 at a heavy weight
  •         5 x 5 at a medium weight

Exercise #3: Pull Ups

When prescribing pull ups for my fighters I generally have them perform a rep ladder drill while super setting with a lower body press, such as a front squat.

  •         Weighted chin up x 1, 2, 3
  •         Front squat x 2, 3, 5
  •         Repeat for 3 ladders

Exercise #4: Single-Arm Push Ups

The purpose of performing the push ups right behind the conditioning is to get my fighters used to switching from moving quickly to not moving, but still exerting at a high level quickly and efficiently.

Exercise #5: Sprints

I am a particular fan of having my fighters push the weight sled or strapping bands to their waists and making them do resisted sprints.

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